Maggot of a fly

7140.    Hi there, Recently I started to notice small, white crawling insects in the basement. Usually I notice them after coming from work and there could be up to 4 of them moving slowly. I cannot figure out where they are coming from. Checked walls, carpet, furniture. Would appreciate your help in identifying these critters. Thank you. Mississauga, ON. Canada

Number 7140. This is a larva (maggot) of a fly. There must be a food source for them somewhere in the basement, perhaps a dead mouse or spoiled produce; basically any type of decomposing organic matter. Once they reach their full size, maggots usually move away from their food source in search of a drier place to undergo pupation. Click here for details

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  1. Ghenadii says:

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    The maggots were gone within a week.

    I still have to find what they were eating and haven’t figured out where they were coming from.

    Best regards

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