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May 22/18  – Hiring Pest Control Technicians  Are you a licensed pest control technician looking to be hired and start your career? Are you new and looking for a job but can’t find it yet? Lack of experience to include on your resume? Maximum Pest Control Services – Oakville Employment Division / Seeking motivated licensed pest […]

European Hornet

6205 Please help identify, its about 2 inch long Number 6205 – This is a European hornet (Vespa crabro; Hymenoptera: Vespidae). This introduced species is the only true hornet in North America as well as being the largest member of its family (Vespidae) here. It has been my personal experience that these are less aggressive […]

Flat bug

6201 found this on a package I had received this afternoon. Bug was fairly flat. Didn’t fly off when I knocked it off. From Concord US. Number 6201 – This is a flat bug (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Aradidae); it looks like Aradus quadrilineatus, a species associated with beech, elm, oak, and poplar trees. Very little appears known […]

Ground Beetle

6200 We found him crawling around the base of our garbage bin inside of our apartment. We did have our balcony door open earlier in the day, however I’m just concerned that this may be a cockroach?? From Welland, Ontario. Number 6200 – This is a ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae); the vast majority of these […]

Blister beetle

6199 – Please help identify Number 6199 – These are a type of blister beetle (Coleoptera: Meloidae) in the genus Meloe commonly known as oil beetles. When handled roughly, they exude am oily fluid from their leg joints that contains a chemical called cantharidin that can cause blisters on tender skin – see American Oil […]

Wolf Spider

6198 This spider was found in Tecumseh Ontario, in grass of my backyard. Its body is a good inch long, black, legs were brown and black, before I killed it. The legs are all shriveled up now and in this picture, one leg is broken off. I believe it to be a tarantula. If you […]

South African Bark beetle

From Johannesburg South Africa: Where can I get predators of Checker Beetle to eat Bark Beetle or what can I spray for Bark Beetle? The use of checkered beetles (Cleridae) for bark beetle control may not be particularly effective, and I will have to do some digging to see if there is any commercial source […]

Miniature moths in Northern Ontario

From Ramore Ontario: On Sept 19,2017, in Ramore Ontario, P0K 1R0 the skies were filled with millions of miniature moths. If you would inhale you were certain to swallow a few. Yes there were lots! They would land on us. When we went into the house they would come in. They survived the winter indoors […]

Opportunity at Rentokil Steritech

May 10/18 Pest Control Specialist Rentokil Steritech Ontario Rentokil is the largest pest control company in the world, and we are the third largest pest control company in North America. While we are big, we pride ourselves on our family atmosphere where we take mentoring and promoting from within seriously. What do you need? High School […]

German cockroach

6196 Please identify this bug found around and in my office it’s black with red on its back. Number 6196 – This is a German cockroach, Blattella germanica (Blattodea: Ectobiidae), a cosmopolitan pest species that can be difficult to bring under complete control. Click here for additional information and control recommendations.

Licensed Exterminator – Niagara Area

Ontario licensed exterminator, structural, , fumigator, Mosquito/stinging insect licences. I have over 25 years experience in all areas of service , sales, and management. I am currently in Hamilton, Ontario but looking to relocate to the Niagara area. I would like to discuss any opportunities where I can demonstrate my proven record of service and […]

leaf beetle

6193 We have had a number of these in our basement lately (April 2018, North Vancouver, B.C.) primarily, but not always, in the bathroom. They are about 4-5 mm in length with black backs/wings with a distinct brown patch towards the head. I’m not sure if they can fly… they sometimes seem to jump. Thank […]

Opportunity at BC HOUSING

April 30/18 Opportunity at BC HOUSING VANCOUVER, BC Job ID: 2692 Pest Control/ Heat Treatment Chargehand – Job Description Job ID: 2672 Pest Control/ Heat Treatment Operator – Job Description Please review the attached job description for a complete list of duties, qualifications and competencies. Applicants must submit a cover letter and resume clearly identifying […]