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Tuxedo bug

6778.    Found in kitchen running across counter-top late morning with all lights on. Initially thought it to be a cockroach, but not too sure now. Found March 18, 2020, colder outside but sunny. I live in a basement suite, and often keep the below-grade window open for fresh air. Surrey, BC. Canada   Number 6778.  This […]


6773.    Calgary, AB. Canada   Number 6773.  This is a sowbug, a terrestrial crustacean in the order Isopoda; the vast majority of these are harmless scavengers on decomposing organic matter. They breathe through gills that must be kept moist, so keeping your environs as dry as possible will discourage them from staying.


6771.    This is in the house. What is it? How can be controlled? Any danger for human? Thanks. Edmonton, Alberta. Canada   Number 6771.  This is a sowbug, a terrestrial crustacean in the order Isopoda; the vast majority of these are harmless scavengers on decomposing organic matter. They breathe through gills that must be kept moist, […]

Fungus gnat

6770.    Its dead, they spread very quickly. tiny and fast but very very annoying. Calgary, AB. Canada   Number 6770.  This is a fungus gnat. They typically breed in very damp/wet soil having a high organic matter content. Indoors, the best control is to let the soil of potted plants dry out as much as practical […]


Mouse – I’ve recently had a mouse problem in my home — I’ve clogged any hole I can find with steel wool, and my landlord planted blocks of turquoise poison. In the first two days, the mice ate two whole blocks, then on the third day, part of a third. This was last Wed-Fri. We are […]

Brown marmorated stink bug

6765.      This insect has been found in my house… doesn’t fly, non aggressive when picked up to put outside … a response would be greatly appreciated ….. London, Ontario. Canada   Number 6765.  This is a brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Pentatomidae). This is an introduced species that has become a pest, primarily […]

Assassin bug

6764.      Caught on fly paper in house in winter. Cooks Creek, Manitoba. Canada   Number 6764.  This is an assassin bug known as a masked hunter (Reduvius personatus; Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Reduviidae), a cosmopolitan species often found indoors and reputed to have a very painful ‘bite’- Click here for more detailed information.

Damsel bug

6763.      Hi, I was bitten by an insect that I attached the pictures on this form. I was feeling a significant pain, that’s why I’d like to know what kind of insect is that and if I would need to take care about it. Thanks in advance. Gaston. Montreal, Qc. Canada   Number 6763.  This […]


6762.      This seemed to happened after I ad several cracks in my foundation repaired last summer. My plants are located inside a finished basement directly beside where one crack was repaired. I have had these on my plants now ever since. This is my third crop that has been attacked. I’ve been using insecticidal […]

Cigarette beetle

6760.       3 mm long. Noticed usually dead ones, on kitchen counter, bathroom floor and on rugs, but no specific location. Seen fewer than 10 at a time (i.e. not infestation). We live in a 20 year old high rise. Vancouver, BC. Canada   Number 6760.  This looks like a cigarette beetle, Lasioderma serricorne (Coleoptera: […]

Spider beetle

6759.  Keep finding these in my home, they sort of look like ticks and we are getting worried. AMHERST, Nova Scotia. Canada   Number 6759.  This is a spider beetle (Coleoptera: Anobiidae; subfamily Ptininae) in the genus Mezium. Spider beetles such as these can be pantry pests, infesting a very wide variety of dry stored food products […]

Clothing Moths

Clothing Moths – My house is infested with clothing moths. The golden ones who lay white eggs. Not casing . I m allergic to them and have a chronic immune illness. T m looking for the most effective, quickest treatment . The companies i ve called r giving me conflicting info and r not open […]

Young nymph of a German cockroach

6755.    No idea what this insect is. Can you help? Approx. 6 mm (head to tail). Distinctive back marking. Found near kitchen sink. Ottawa, Ontario. Canada   Number 6755.  This is a young nymph of a German cockroach, Blattella germanica (Blattodea: Ectobiidae), a peridomestic species difficult to bring under complete control. Click here for some control recommendations.