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Long-horned wood-boring beetle

7261.         Found this crawling in my living room, not sure what it is, spruce beetle maybe? Lethbridge, Alberta. Canada Number 7261. This is a long-horned wood-boring beetle (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), but not a spruce beetle. There is a possibility that it is an old house borer, Hylotrupes bajulus – Long-horned wood-boring beetle detailed […]


7259.        Is this a murder hornet? North Bay, ON. Canada Number 7259. This is a horntail (Hymenoptera: Siricidae; specifically, a pigeon tremex (Tremex columba). They lack a stinger and are harmless to humans –  Horntail detailed information In North America, the so-called ‘murder hornet has only been found in the extreme west.

Sphinx moth

7254.      This moth was photographed in the morning during the first weekend on July in Northern Saskatchewan (Candle Lake), Canada. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Canada Number 7254. This is a sphinx moth (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) in the genus Smerinthus. It most likely is Smerinthus cerisyi (known as the one-eyed sphinx moth ), but I cannot be […]

Horse fly

7250.      About 20-30% bigger than typical horse fly, very large head. Wheatley, Ontario. Canada Number 7250. This is a horse fly (Diptera: Tabanidae) in the genus Tabanus, most likely Tabanus petiolatus – Horse Fly image  Your specimen is a male; male tabanids typically have much larger eyes than females, and thus larger heads.