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Assassin bug

6838.      Want to know if this could be a kissing bug, it’s small back it has you small antennas and almost like a mosquito type nose thing. It’s about or just over 1/2 inch long. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada Number 6838. This is an assassin bug (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Reduviidae). True kissing bugs (subfamily Triatominae) do […]

Giant water bug

6837.        May 2020 found in backyard. Moncton, NB. Canada Number 6837. This is a giant water bug, Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Belostomatidae. Also known as toe-biters or electric light bugs, they are voracious predators on other aquatic life forms, including other insects, tadpoles, and minnows. They are strong fliers that can be found quite some […]

German cockroach

6828.        Looked at an apartment today filled with these bugs. Some this size, lots of small ones. The apartment is being fumigated, but because the apartment has been vacant, I am worried about the possibility of them returning. Kitchener, Ontario. Canada Number 6828. This looks like a German cockroach, Blattella germanica (Blattodea: […]


SKUNK RELOCATION: Hi, I have a skunk(s) under my cabano in the back yard.I tried spraying the back yard with Chili peppers and cayenne powder, but it does not seem to get rid of the skunks. Please let me know if the skunk(s) could be trapped and released to wildlife. Thank you. MONTRÉAL. We are […]


TALSTAR – Is Talstar legal in Canada? Bifenthrin, the active ingredient in Talstar is not registered in Canada – Click here “Can this product [Talstar] be shipped to Canada? DoMyOwn   Click here “Unfortunately, we do not ship to Canada at this time.  Many of our Canadian customers will have a product shipped to someone […]