Canadian Pest Management Associations

Why you should deal with a member:

Membership in a pest control association, is evidence that:

            • A firm has an established place of business,
            • Ascribes to a code of ethics,
            • Has access to technical literature for training and consultation.
          • Participates in association training seminars, workshops, short courses and pest control conferences to keep informed of new developments in pest control methods, products, safety, training, research and regulations.

Contact an association to confirm membership of any pest control provider, or check the directory and look for the association logos next to member listings.

Canadian Pest Management Association.
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Our Mission:
In an ever changing social and political climate, the Canadian Pest Management Association’s mission is to be the leading unified voice in the structural pest management industry across Canada, representing, promoting and fostering the advancement of our industry throughout the nation and to be recognized for the legacy we leave due to our contribution to the quality of life.

        • We will represent our membership by providing a voice that speaks to legislators and formulators to assure that our industry has the most up to date and environmentally friendly tools and legislation to work with.
        • We will promote our industry in a professional and ethical manor with emphasis on honesty, fairness and respectfulness between and amongst our members and our customers.
        • We will foster our industry through training and communication in order to sustain it’s profitability, responsibility and competence.
        • We will provide a venue for social interaction and networking thereby contributing to the future development of the industry.

To read CPMA’s Code of Ethics in English click here or click here for French.

To read CPMA’s Constitution and By-Laws click here.

13- 3120 Rutherford Road
Suite #360
Vaughan, ON L4K 0B2
Phone: 866-630-2762 (CPMA)

Atlantic Pest Management Association

À propos de l’AQGP

Bienvenue sur le site de l’Association Québécoise de la Gestion Parasitaire. L’AQGP est une organisation à but non lucratif avec un conseil d’administration bénévole composé de représentants des entreprises membres. Nous représentons plus de 80 entreprises responsables et professionnelles fournissant des produits et des services de gestion parasitaire et d’extermination.

Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario

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Manitoba Pest Management Association

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Pest Management Association of Alberta

Structural Pest Management Association of British Colombia