clothes moth

How to get rid of clothes moths


Hi, this is Michelle from just north of Grande Prairie, Alberta. We have been fighting these moths from late September and on. There are holes in clothes (including the kids’ clothes) and I have found larva on knit socks and in balls of wool yarn.  The larva are brown with little hairs coming out one side.   Can you tell me what this is and what I can expect their eggs and cocoons to look like? How can I eradicate them?  Thanks, Michelle

Adult clothes moths lay almost invisible eggs on wool, fur, silk and feathers and other items of animal origin. The eggs develop into larva that feed on the items and cause damage. The adult moths do not feed. You should empty your closets and areas infested. Laundering will kill the larva but many items cannot be washed in hot water and dried. Freezing will slow down the damage but will probably not kill the eggs and larva. If you don’t hire a professional, spraying pesticides is not a simple solution. Read the tips we have published here: