Before you submit a photo, please check the pest photo page.  We may have already published  photos that are the same as yours. (Especially spiders)

Pest Identification Photos

How to Submit your pest photos for identification 

  1.  Choose the best quality photos;
  2. Out of focus, non-closeup, poorly lit and subjects too small to identify will not be published.
    Spider photos:  Only very high quality unusual spider photos will be published.  We have already published numerous spider photos.
  3.  Do not send photos of insects covered with plastic.  They will be rejected as poor quality.
  4. Submit a maximum of 2 individual photos
  5. Please tell us your first name and the geographical location the photo was taken. 
  6. Include any other information that may help identify your photo.   (Size, month, season, weather conditions, indoors, outdoors, etc.)
  7. Do not submit your photos more than once.
  8. Do not send photos that have been copied from another web site.
  9. We do not send personal replies.  There are far too many submissions. The form is available below.

Why many photos do not get published:

This is a voluntary service. Please be patient. It may take a few days to sort through and publish the best photos.

Poor quality, out of focus, very small, poor lighting or photos with no visible detail will not be published.
Photos of insects in a plastic bag will be rejected.

Photos of identical pests that have previously and recently been submitted by  others will not be published. Before submission please scan through the web pages for photos similar to yours.   Most spider photos are  rejected because we have already published better quality photos of the same species.  

Pest Identification - Submit your Photo

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