Yellow-faced bumble bee

6826.       The beetle is about 1.5cm long, black except for a bright yellow head and a yellow horizontal stripe across its hind area. Looking at these and 6 other pictures, none much better (!) it appears furry and has furry legs, more like a spider than any beetle I know about. which is very few. It appeared to be trying to dig a burrow, or to dig up some prey. I watched it dig, turn around twice to look away then turn back to the excavation. Then it flew away, very quickly. I took 8 shots within about a 30-second period, should have focused better. These are cropped edits from areas about 5x the size. New Westminster, BC. Canada

Number 6826. Not a beetle; it looks like a yellow-faced bumble bee, Bombus vosnesenskii (Hymenoptera: Apidae); Click here

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  1. Geoff Sale says:

    Thanks for the clearly appropriate identification! I have seen a lot of bumblebees around here, but none even remotely like this one! I’ll be watching for others over the summer.

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