WASP NEST IN ROOF. Sorry long message A few months ago end of July early August I noticed wasps getting into a space under my roof I told my landlord thinking he’d get a professional to see to it but nope he only plugged it up him self before making sure their was no nest and way would they be dead now and if not what do I do I am hearing like a humming/buzzing in my ceiling going from one end of my trailer to the other I also had a bees nest in my crawl space under my trailer that he sprayed and I haven’t seen any since I was stung a few times by a wasp and also by a carpenter bee I just noticed the buzzing wen everyone got quite I haven’t been home all day so I am not sure wen it started but is the humming or buzzing I hear wasps if so how do I get ride of them I feel like my landlord just put a quick fix on the problem without actually getting to the base of the problem. Summerside, Prince Edward Island


Wasp infestation in trailer ceiling – First, make sure that the buzzing sound is coming from insects and not some other source, such as an electrical problem. If it is indeed coming from wasps, with your landlord’s permission, make an opening into the space above the ceiling from the outside of the trailer large enough to insert a nozzle from an aerosol spray (preferably a synthetic pyrethroid) labeled for homeowner use (check label for any fire hazard warning – if none, spray out the contents and seal up the opening). If the buzzing persists after this or if you cannot get permission to apply the spray, you may have to let cold winter weather take care of the job. Normally, only the queen survives the winter, and if she remains sealed up in that space, she will be unable to establish a new colony. Just be sure that you go over the trailer very carefully to be certain that any potential entry places have been covered/sealed.