Too many spiders!

Hello, I have found [so far…] about 10 spiders – huge black ones in a new 5 month old house. Mostly in the basement and the garage. I spray RAID but unfortunately it doesn’t help. I am afraid they could be dangerous. The house is in Welland, On.  Any suggestion, advice ? Should I contact the builder of the house ? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you, Maria

New homes are notorious for a high humidity problem as the building materials dry out over a long period of time. (1 or 2 years depending on conditions). This moist environment encourages insects to inhabit the space, especially in basements, crawl spaces and any areas with poor ventilation.  Spiders eat insects.  To eliminate spiders, eliminate their food source.  Improve the ventilation by opening windows when practical, use bathroom and kitchen fans.  You certainly cannot blame the contractor for 10 spiders in your home. You could call a pest professional to inspect and treat areas that are infested with insects.  The most common pest in high humidity homes is sow bugs.  Read more about control tips: