Female American dog tick

6417.  Found in my daughter’s bedroom. Tottenham, ON. Canada


Number 6417. This appears to be a female American dog tick (aka wood tick), Dermacentor variabilis, Click here for more detailed information.

American dog tick

6379  I live in Markham Ontario Canada I found this crawling in my apartment what is it it was on my bed. 100 main street n, Markham, Ontario Canada

Number 6379. This is an American dog tick (aka wood tick; Dermacentor variabilis), a hard tick in the family Ixodidae. Click here for more detailed information

Female hard tick

6361  From: Oakville, Ontario L6H 0J1 Canada

Number 6361 This is a female hard tick (family Ixodidae) in the genus Dermacentor, likely Dermacentor variabilis, known as the American dog tick or wood tick.  Click here for more detailed information.

Engorged female hard tick

6262 We found this on our dog. From Osoyoos B.C

Number 6262 This is an engorged female hard tick (family Ixodidae); likely in the genus Dermacentor. You may want to have your dog checked by a veterinarian if it shows any sign of illness during the next couple of weeks.

Tick and Mosquito Infections

The number of people getting diseases transmitted by mosquito, tick and flea bites has more than tripled in the United States in recent years, federal health officials reported on Tuesday.