Crab spider

6368  Calm/chilly weather, 5C. Mid-May, Spring 2019. Found indoors, and relocated outdoors. Appears to be 1/2 inch width when legs in, and 3/4″ – 1″ when spread apart. From: Didsbury, Alberta T0M 0W0 Canada

Number 6368 . It’s a crab spider (family Thomisidae), might be a Bassaniana sp.; harmless to humans.

Mygalomorph spider

6363  From: Kelowna North, BC V1V 2N5 Canada

Number 6363 This is a mygalomorph spider, likely a folding-door trapdoor spider in the genus Antrodiaetus Click here for more detailed information

Banded garden spider

6316 Hi, I was wondering if you could help me identify this beautiful spider. I found it today (September 20) in my garden. From Ashton, Ontario

Number 6316 This is Argiope trifasciata, an orb weaver known as the banded garden spider. It occurs from southern Canada to northern Mexico; they usually are noticed in late summer/early autumn when the females reach their full size. Like other orb weavers, they are harmless to humans. Click here for more detailed information.

Bridge orb weaver

6315 From Stoney creek Ontario

Number 6315 This appears to be a bridge orb weaver, Larinioides sclopetarius (family Araneidae); Click here for images and more information. All orb weavers are harmless to humans.

cobweb/comb footed spider

6300 Lives in the garage, only appeares in the summer, 2nd year appearance, what is the name of it? Is it poisonous? From Dundas, ON

Number 6300 This appears to be Steatoda triangulosa, a cobweb/comb footed spider (family Theridiidae) known as the triangulate household spider – Click here for more detailed information. Technically venomous (like the vast majority of true spiders it has venom glands), this species is harmless to humans, and may feed on more dangerous spiders such as black widows.

Giant lichen orbweaver

6281 This creature met me in my garden this morning. Have asked hubby and son neither answer appears to be correct. From Thunder Bay, Ontario

Number 6281 This is a giant lichen orbweaver, Araneus bicentenarius, Click here for an image. All orb weavers are harmless to humans.