Shed ‘skin’ (exuvium) of a Mayfly subimago

6276 From Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Number 6276 This is a shed ‘skin’ (exuvium) of a mayfly subimago (an intermediate stage between the aquatic nymph and the fully mature adult). Mayflies are the only insect that molts after it has developed wings.

‘Skin’ (exuvium) of a nymph of a cicada

6274 What kind of bug is this? It’s cracked open and there’s nothing in it, what kind of bug is empty?

Number 6274 This is the shed ‘skin’ (exuvium) of a nymph of a cicada (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Cicadidae), likely one of the so-called dog-day or annual cicadas such as those in the genus Neotibicen -see Click here for an image.