Click beetle

6396  Please identify. This was found in my newer build home near light switch in en-suite. Never seen before. Was smaller than picture. Brantford, Ontario Canada


Number 6396. This is a click beetle (Coleoptera: Elateridae), a harmless accidental intruder.

Grain beetle

6329 Hello, I found this indoors in early January. It fell out of some clothes as I moved them. It is very small. I have taken a photo of it next to my index finger in one photo for reference. The photo may be too low quality for your review, but if not, I’m wondering what it is and if it can be harmful. Thanks, Susan. From Nova Scotia

Number 6329 This appears to be one of the grain beetles in the genus Oryzaephilus (Coleoptera: Silvanidae), either a saw-toothed or merchant grain beetle – Click here for more detailed information.

Foreign Grain Beetle

6226 I took photos of this insect on my bed today (May 31st, 2018). Lately the weather has felt like summer. I’ve started noticing them about a week ago and mainly on and in my bed, maybe 1 or 2 at a time. As I would start falling asleep, I would wake up and find one on my pillow. So far I have no bites, hives or itchy spots. I removed my bed sheets and there are no bug infestations or blood stains. Yesterday I just kept seeing them in almost every room of the house (floors, walls, ceilings, bedding, etc.). They are tiny and much smaller than an apple seed. All the ones I’ve caught look the same. I’m wondering if they are an early stage bed bug. How do I get rid of them? From Ottawa, Ontario

Number 6226 – This appears to be a foreign grain beetle, Ahasverus advena (Coleoptera: Silvanidae). Sometimes also called new house beetles or plaster beetles, they feed primarily on mould/mould spores found in humid/damp environments. Reducing indoor relative humidity levels should control them. Click here for more detailed information