Female Dark Fishing Spider

6422. I bought a air conditioner at Costco. While opening the box, this spider jumped onto my head. The air conditioner is made in China but packed in Ontario. Can you tell me if this is a Canadian spider and harmless. I released him outside before considering the matter. Montebello, Quebec. Canada

Number 6422. This is a female dark fishing spider, Dolomedes tenebrosus (family Pisauridae), the largest spider species native to Ontario. Not at all dangerous to humans, and in spite of its name, these can be found a long distance from water.  Click here for more detailed information.

Jumping Spider

6407. Found this spider walking on my kitchen ceiling, never seen one like this before, should I be concerned. Hanmer, Ontario. Canada


Number 6407. This is a jumping spider (family Salticidae); may be in the genus Phidippus. These are harmless to humans.

Wolf spider

6376  Asphalt, Kincardine, Ontario N2Z 1G1 Canada

Number 6376. This is a wolf spider (family Lycosidae). These are active hunters that do not spin a capture web; they have excellent (for spiders) eyesight. Large specimens can deliver a painful (but not dangerous) bite if mishandled, but they are not aggressive towards humans

Crab Spider

6230 Found this spider inside our house in Southwestern Ontario. My husband has woken up with a few bites that swelled up this week and we’re looking for the culprit. Is this spider harmful to humans or pets? From Bothwell, Ontario.

Number 6230 – This is a crab spider (family Thomisidae); Click here for an example. These are ambush predators that lay in wait for potential meals to get within grabbing distance. They are harmless to humans and pets.