Crane flies

6391  I found these this morning when I opened my curtains for the day. I grabbed a tape measure to give an idea of the size of them. They haven’t moved in about 3 hours, now. What are they?Nepean, Ontario,  Canada


Number 6391. This is a mating pair of crane flies (Diptera: Tipulidae); completely harmless.

Winter stoneflies

6342 They are all over my house, and are getting inside my house! What are they? From Fawcett Hill, NB

Number 6342 These are small winter stoneflies (Plecoptera: Capniidae); they are harmless and there is no need for control. Their nymphs are found beneath rocks and gravel on the bottom of streams and rivers where they feed on plant material there; the adults feed on blue-green algae. The adults most often are seen in late winter/very early spring.


6222 Waterloo Ontario. Hundreds of these outside and under deck and on front porch, anywhere high around entire house. But congregate on window screens and walls. They fly is like a meal moth but are very quick and difficult to kill. Go into any crevices and brickwork and can make themselves very narrow. Also like it underneath and in between my outdoor furniture cushions, where I also find webbing. They mate and then I find yellow silk web with hundreds of tiny pale-yellow eggs. Webbing is mainly on underside of windows and up high along walls and underside of fascia. But have also found eggs in between cushions and on underside of furniture. Started about second week of May for the past several years. When I go outside they fly in my hair and anywhere else. How do I eradicate this? It seems to last for 2-3 months. It’s ruining my outdoor enjoyment!

Number 6222 – These are caddisflies (order Trichoptera), related to butterflies and moths. Their larvae are aquatic where they constitute a very important part of the food web there. The adults are harmless, but some species can be nuisance pests when they occur in large numbers, see Click here. They would not be responsible for the webbing and eggs that you mentioned.