Suspected bird mite infestation

Suspected bird mites. Hi. I’m looking for a company that can help me with a suspected bird mite infestation. I was hoping for a company that does fogging? I’ve used a pest control company that has sprayed twice and also done a detailed inspection. They have not managed to see any sample but I feel them in my skin (digging, biting, crawling) and notice activity (ie I feel crawling or get bitten) around my bed, sofa and bathroom. In the weeks approaching the full moon when parasites tend to be more active, it even seems as if they swarm in certain areas and might be on the walls and other surfaces and then pull towards me as I pass by. I feel like spraying might not be getting to all of them. I’m hoping to get someone who can fog the home and maybe also get rid of some furniture like my cloth headboard, sofa etc. Any info or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. Scarborough, ON

Suspected bird mite infestation: I cannot recommend any particular firm; the client can find listings of pest control professionals in his/her area at Click Here . (NOTE: From the client’s description of the problem, I would not be at all surprised if he/she were suffering from delusory parasitosis – the discomfort they experience is very real, but they are mistaken as to the actual cause; Click Here .