6913.      My first name is Jacqueline and this photo was taken in my home in North Carolina. It’s a very small bug – as small as one of the tiny black ants. It’s found here in the bathroom sink, in a bathroom next to the bedroom. It was taken today, Jun 25 and it’s been hot and humid outside. When I tried to get close to take the picture, it jumped (or flew?). It seems like it jumped. I think it was attracted to the sink because the sink is wet. This isn’t a baby cockroach right? Thank you! Chapel Hill, NC. United States

Number 6913. This is a springtail, a primitive arthropod in the order Collembola, closely related to true insects. These basically are harmless scavengers on bits of decomposing organic matter, but they can become nuisance pests when they occur indoors in large numbers. They are quite susceptible to desiccation, so keeping indoor humidity levels as low as practical is the best control. Click here for an example