Sea Otters destroying golf turf

Hello, Any advice for sea otter control, capture or management?  They are destroying large areas of turf on the golf course. HELP!!   Paul Robertson, Links Superintendent, VICTORIA GOLF CLUB.

The Sea Otter is protected by the Marine Mammal Regulations in the federal Fisheries Act. These regulations make it an offence to kill, harm, or harass marine mammals. The species is also listed as Threatened under the British Columbia Wildlife Act. Under this Act, it is prohibited to kill, capture, harass, or trade this species, or to destroy its habitat.

We were not aware that sea otters would forage for food on land.  They normally forage in the water and on the beaches.  Raccoons and skunks will tear up turf to feed on grubs.  Sea otters can be a serious problem when they nest under sea side cottages and homes.  The only legal solution is to block their entry with fencing. Some boat owners have used an electric fence to keep them off their boats.  An electric fence around the golf course or on the path used by the animals may help but golfers and environmentalists may not approve.   We have tried unsuccessfully to get suggestions from the BC Ministry of Environment Wildlife branch.  Perhaps a visit in person to their offices would be more effective.  Please let us know if you solve this problem.