Scuttle fly

7320.     This is a large flow moving fly of sorts that has infested my home. I’ve tried the various ways thinking it may be some fruit fly but it is not attracted to anything. Seems this fly only heads my way when i’m eating or drinking something…almost like it likes my breath. They are slow moving but you still cant kill them easily. They disappear until people start moving around. they are concentrated in the kitchen and in my basement office…other rooms of the house they are not in. They have now been around for about 6 weeks. I’ve cleaned everything but cant seem to get rid of them. They wont even fly onto a fly trap. There are babies and very very large ones. How can I get rid of these? Thank you. North Bay, Ontario. Canada


Number 7320.      This is a scuttle fly (Diptera: Phoridae); see Scuttle fly image . Sometimes also known as hump-backed flies, their larvae feed on a very wide variety of decomposing organic matter and the adult flies can be serious nuisances when they occur indoors. See Scuttle fly detailed information & control recommendations . Also, your specimen is an adult fly; it will not get any bigger. The larger flies you are seeing would be a different species.