Scarab beetle

6911.         Hi, for few days now, we noticed these bugs come to our balcony around 9:30pm. And we do not know how to get rid of that and we do not know what can attract us? Do you know what is it? They always come around 9:30 pm and fly for about 30 mns , then leave , the same thing every day. Thanks for your help. We do not their names since it is our first time to see these bugs. We never experienced that last summer .. Surrey, British Columbia. Canada

Number 6911. This is a scarab beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in the subfamily Melolonthinae of the type commonly called May beetles or June bugs. They are attracted to lights at night, so you should try replacing the bulbs in your outside lights with ones that give off a less attractive frequency. Click here for some suggestions.