Rodents and holes in foundation.

I live in a complex where there is a rat infestation each year. Each year this problem is dealt with however it hasn’t been done so yet this year, there are huge holes in the foundation that havent gone fully through the foundation. there are kids in the area and as an assistant superintendant of the complex who has notified the higher ups I was wondering if there is a spasific type of rat or mouse that would cause this damage and what would be the proper fix to have this looked after. I don’t want my tenants getting sick from this. Thank you.  April

Huge holes in the foundation of an apartment building is a more serious problem than rodents.  You should call a building inspector.
You will not likely have both rats and mice.  Rats will not tolerate competition for food.   A pest control professional could inspect the property to determine what kind of problem you have and take corrective action.