Red Mite infestation

Hi, We have a severe Dermanyssus gallinae/Red Mite infestation. Will keeping our house between 70°F and a relative humidity of 35%-40% help decrease our red mite problem?

Dermanyssus gallinae/Red Mite infestation – Has the source of the infestation been identified? Control will be much easier if the source (such as an abandoned bird nest) can be identified and removed. The following was found at Click here : “If physicians suspect and/or confirm dermanyssosis in urban outbreaks, the following measures will achieve complete regression of the symptoms, and no evidence of mites or dermatitis will appear in the follow-up period: (i) patient showering extensively and washing their clothes at 60 °C; (ii) removal of the mite source (abandoned birds’ nest); (iii) intensive vacuum cleaning, removal of the vacuum bag which needs to be packed in a sealed plastic bag and thrown away outside in a contained bin; (iv) disinfestation of the infested areas using pyrethroids: (v) steam cleaning or washing of textiles (curtains, carpets, cushions) at 60 °C and then preferably dried with an automated laundry drier. Textiles which cannot be washed at 60 °C should be placed in a plastic bag for a day together with anti-moth balls releasing an acaricide product.”