rats chewing and scratching

There is something clawing through my floors just under my trim I have put up traps and poison for rats but no luck I have no idea what it is but the holes get bigger very night.

The most common pests that make a clawing or chewing noise in a home are rats. They can chew holes through wood to gain access to a food source they smell.  If your efforts to trap them have failed, you should probably call a pest professional to do an inspection and find out where the rats are gaining entry to your home. Most people think catching rats is a simple process but there are a lot of little tricks that an experienced professional will apply be to successful.  Paying a professional will cost less than repairing chewed electrical wire or plumbing pipes.  Read more about getting rid of rodents.  http://pestcontrolcanada.com/how-to-get-rid-of-rodents