RATS – I heard rats in my attic a couple weeks ago. I had my landlord send an exterminator and he really seems to know what he is talking about, but what doesn’t make sense to me us that he doesn’t want to inspect my attic at all, set traps, or seal up any holes. He just blocked holes they could get into from all around the outside of my house and roof and set traps in garage and water heater room. My concern is: What if the rats are coming from holes connecting me and my neighbor’s attics? Then what he did would have solved nothing. Is what he is doing the right thing? Las Vegas.

The landlord should know whether or not there is any connectivity between the attic spaces of the apartment/condo units. If he/she does not know this, request an inspection to find out, and if there is indeed connectivity, the exterminator needs to come back and determine if additional control measures are needed.