Pigeon tremex

6590.    I found this large flying insect in my pool and had never seen one before in my area. It was nearly 2 inches long. After some research I believe that it is a Pigeon Tremex. While it was recovering from being in the pool (near death unfortunately), I took this photo. Holland Landing is in central Ontario near Newmarket and in my over 50 years of living here, I have never seen one before. Holland Landing, ON. Canada


Number 6590. This is indeed a pigeon tremex, Tremex columba (Hymenoptera: Siricidae). Click here for details on its life history.

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  1. Joe says:

    A bit of good news. After helping it to dry out and putting him on a good launch surface, it flew away! It returned to the same spot the next day (maybe to say thank you??).

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