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Pesticide risk to infant?

4635   Hi, One of the apartments in the house I live in has bedbugs and the landlord is going to either spray just the basement apartment or possibly the whole house. I have a 9 month old baby and was wondering what we should do if this treatment happens? Can these chemicals be harmful to my infant and what precautions should I take? We live right above the basement apartment on the first floor so I am worried that even if they spray just the basement that toxins can make there way into our place. Will we need to be out of the house for a while and for how long? Thanks, Lorna

If your landlord is going to spray pesticides himself you should be very concerned.
Pest control professionals must be certified to apply pesticides.  They must take a course and pass an exam.
There are regulations that a professional must follow including notification to any persons that could be at risk from pesticide use.
You will probably have to vacate your suite for 1 day.
If there are bedbugs in one apartment they often find their way into other units that should be inspected.
Just spraying pesticides is not proper control for bed bugs.
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