Sow bugs

Pesticide abuse

6068  Can someone please help me and tell me what these are, and if I have a big problem… I just moved into a new place in Calgary Alberta. My name’s Meagan. These bugs are dead, but maybe because I sprayed the WHOLE place with raid, including that spot the picture is at… They seem to be stuck in the glue? I’ve seen many of them.. and the centipede looking thing on the right hand side.. I’ve seen a couple of those alive around the house… No one has lived here in awhile I guess.. the guy said that the house is gonna get torn down if no one rents it… There’s many cracks everywhere.. I’ve used like 7 cans of raid (spider blaster and reg raid) in the last week I’ve been here.. the sightings of bugs have kinda stopped.. but once I opened up the side base boards and seen that (the picture above..) I couldn’t believe it. Is this bad? Please help.

These are sow bugs that probably died because they can only survive in a very damp environment. Spraying pesticides is not recommended to eliminate sow bugs.  Spraying 7 cans of raid is irresponsible and could cause health problems to the occupants in the home. You obviously did not follow the label directions and that is against the law.  Read our suggestions to control sow bugs.