Pest Spray marks on household items.


We recently had an exterminator spray our home for bed bugs. A few days after it was sprayed we noticed spots on some of the items in our home. Most of the spots that we have noticed are on things which are made of plastic such as the plastic border around our television, the plastic around our digital picture frame, the plastic case of our CD player and also spots on our DVD player. We have tried using a mild detergent and water and also Armour All, but none of these things removed the spots. It’s almost like the spots have set into the plastic. Do you have any ideas of anything else that we could try that might work? I would also like to know if nothing takes the spots away if the exterminator is liable? I would surely think that the exterminator would have some type of insurance to cover these situations. Our television is only about a year old and now it looks terrible with the spots all over it. Thank you.

Sorry we are not cleaning experts.   Contact the pest control company and ask exactly what product was sprayed.  Ask if they can provide you a copy of the label. Contact the product manufacturer for information about restoring the items with spots.  Most products used in pest control are mixed with water and have been tested for staining.  
Larry Cross