Nymph of an eastern boxelder bug

6736.      Since moving into this house 2 months ago, I’ve come across approximately a dozen of these bugs. I’m afraid to know what they are but need to know what we’re dealing with. There’s a constant stinky odour coming from the main floor half-bath however we haven’t found any of these bugs in this half-bath room. I catch them crawling along baseboards and ceiling/wall trims. I’ve been searching the web for a match but didn’t come across any, so far. Thanks in advance for your help. Penetanguishene, Ontario. Canada


Number 6736.  This is a nymph of an eastern boxelder bug, Boisea trivittata (Hemiptera/Heteroptera; Rhopalidae). They feed primarily on the developing seeds of boxelder and related trees, but seldom cause any real harm. They often come indoors in search of shelter, where they can be real nuisances because of their offensive odor and staining qualities if crushed. Click here for additional information.