Nymph of a stink bug

6909.      Hi. Moved in April one. A few days later the German Cockroaches arrived. I’ve had two “treatments” from the exterminator. Cleaned everything …everything. All food in commercial grade food containers, vacuuming twice a day, bleaching floors. I don’t know if they are completely eliminated yet. I was just on my way to go out the back door and saw this little stinker! Looked online and sent pics to Management company. Any idea what this is? Should I maybe just move lol. With Thanks. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada

Number 6909. No need to worry about this one – it is a nymph of a stink bug (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in the genus Apoecilus. These are predators on other small insects and are harmless to humans. Click here for an example.