Nymph of a planthopper

7011.     This bug is smaller than a pin head – has a fluffy white tail and bulging eyes. Looks like a mini crab. Was on my chair outside – the fluffy tail got my attention. Photo taken with my phone with as much zoom as I could I hope it’s close & clear enough – it was on its own. Thank you! I’m so curious. Gatineau, QC. Canada

Number 7011. This is a nymph of a planthopper, Hemiptera/Auchenorrhyncha: Fulgoroidea, likely in the family Acanalonia –  Click here for an example. Many planthopper nymphs secrete a filamentous wax the tip of their abdomen and various other areas according to species. This wax provides protection from predators and prevents desiccation as well as protecting them from spider webs or puddles; they don’t stick to spider webs and they float quite well and can swim to safety.