Nymph of a bed bug

6713.      Hello, In the past year, my SO was waking up to these bites on the hands that were quite swollen and we had no idea what the perpetrator was. Yesterday, she woke up to more bites on the neck area and managed to catch the thing and squashed and killed it. According to her, this is how it looked like before it was squashed:- it was plump and when she squashed it, very dark blood came out of it. These bites are happening at night and we’re not sure what this is because it doesn’t look like the regular bedbug – which is rounded and kind of flat. This one looks more swollen. I’ve attached two photos of it. Many thanks in advance to those who can identify it! Toronto, Ontario. Canada


Number 6713.  This looks like a nymph of a bed bug (Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Cimicidae). When engorged with blood, they can appear quite chubby.

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