Non-biting midge

6641.    These little guys seem to appear out of nowhere two days after our first frost (-2 c, -4 c windchill) It was cold and rainy the day following the frost. They have been around for nearly a week now, it’s been unseasonally cool since the frost. They are on anything green including the grass and trees and unfortunately my veggy garden. If I walk on the grass or lightly shake any plant, dozens fly away. They are light green/white in colour and small, maybe 2 or 3 cms. I’m in zone 3a. What are these ? South Porcupine, Ontario. Canada


Number 6641. This is a non-biting midge (Diptera: Chironomidae). They are harmless, but can be nuisance pests when they occur in large numbers. Click here for more detailed information.