Mouse – I’ve recently had a mouse problem in my home — I’ve clogged any hole I can find with steel wool, and my landlord planted blocks of turquoise poison. In the first two days, the mice ate two whole blocks, then on the third day, part of a third. This was last Wed-Fri. We are no 1 week later, and in some rooms, despite me blocking the holes I can see, I believe there are still mice eating away at the blocks of poison I’ve dropped there (they move overnight, I have picture proof of it). How long does it take for these blocks of poison to kill mice? And how are they not leaving any pee or poop to trace, but still chewing poison? Montréal


It may take four to six days for rodents to die once they have ingested a lethal dose. Also, just because the bait blocks have moved doesn’t necessarily mean that it was done by mice.