6791. April 2020: I’ve been finding these pinhead-size tiny bugs in my bedroom in bedding and even running across my phone screen. They’re extremely hard to photograph well: I tried magnifying them with my phone and placing them next to a dime for scale. They look like specks to the human eye. I’m extremely afraid they might be bedbug nymphs; with the information I’ve been able to find about tiny bugs commonly found in Ontario I’m not sure what they could be. They don’t seem to fit the profile of a mite from what I can discern (the front protrusions look like antennae?) in the blown up photos. Any insight would be very much appreciated. Ottawa, Ontario. Canada

Number 6791. This does appear to be a mite. There are several species of mite, such as the clover mite, that have elongated front legs that they appear to use like antennae. Click here for an example.