Miniature moths in Northern Ontario

From Ramore Ontario: On Sept 19,2017, in Ramore Ontario, P0K 1R0 the skies were filled with millions of miniature moths. If you would inhale you were certain to swallow a few. Yes there were lots! They would land on us. When we went into the house they would come in. They survived the winter indoors and outdoors also. Are they clothes eating moths, are they destructive? They are about ¼ inch long (or less), 1/8 inch long when wings are closed. They are a silver color with darker edging. As soon as you touch them they turn to dust/powdery smudge.

These do not look like clothes moths, but I hesitate to attempt a specific i.d. as tiny moths such as these are for the most part, very difficult to identify; several families often are lumped together under the rubric “microlepidoptera.” see Family Elachistidae (Grass Miner Moths) | Butterflies and Moths of North America for an example.