7193.        We have been finding a few of these caterpillars in the house. Mostly near the patio door in the kitchen, however, we did see one at the top of the basement stairs. It is springtime now and has been quite rainy for the last couple of weeks. Can you help us identify it and suggest how to get rid of them. Nepean, Ontario Canada

Number 7193.    This appears to be a millipede, an arthropod in the class Diplopoda. These basically are harmless scavengers on decomposing organic matter. but often are considered nuisance pests when they occur indoors. They require a moist environment in order to thrive, so moisture management is the best control. Keep indoor humidity levels as low as practical, and eliminate as many unnecessary sources of moisture as possible, including leaky pipes/water taps, condensation from refrigeration/air-handling units, etc.