Milkweed bug

Hello there I have lived in Bowmanville Ontario for about 15 years now and I have never seen this bug, until 3 days ago I saw one and thought nothing of it. Then I saw a post on Facebook warning if you see this bug in your house then go to a disease heath center immediately. Now today being Thursday October 6th 2016 I have approx. 30 to 50 gathering/flying around the front, sides, windows of my house as well as the Garage door. They seem to love window screens and anywhere there is a lot of hot sun. My research has show me they are native far southern than me but I’m wondering since we have had such a hot summer if it is possible the migrated north and cause a potential issue. Please take a look at the attached photo and let me know. Thank you, Greg

This a Milkweed bug that looks remarkably like boxelder bugs until you compare the two together.  The differences are then quite obvious.  For milkweed bug information visit the Nature Trust of British Columbia web site.