Masked hunter

7235.        Found in the bathroom sink within my apartment; it originally seemed to crawl out of the bathroom sink overflow and was found the next day back in the sink. It’s the middle of June, the weather over the past week has been between pleasantly warm to stormy and sweltering; the insect itself was about the size of a quarter. I wanted to check; is this a kissing bug or a masked hunter? I’ve been reading, but I’m by no means a professional and I’m not 100% positive on how much overlap there is, and I wasn’t about to let it bite me to find out for sure; reading, it seemed like the most northern kissing bug is the Eastern Conenose Kissing Bug which doesn’t go much further north of Southern Illinois. The Conenose also has red and black colouration and a visible beak. whereas a Masked Hunter is more slender, completely black, and has no visible beak. Do I have the right of it? I wanted to be totally sure because pest identification entry for Kissing Bugs used a photo of a subject that looks extremely similar to the one I found; I’m not sure if it’s my identification that’s wrong or theirs. (Entry link: ) London, Ontario. Canada

Number 7235. This definitely a masked hunter, (Reduvius personatus; Hemiptera/Heteroptera: Reduviidae). Masked Hunter Detailed Information