Little grey thing that looked like lint

I was sitting on my bed when i saw a little grey thing that looked like lint, then a few minutes went by and in the corner of my eye i saw it moving. a little clear worm with a black head was trying to get out of this grey cocoon. i’m pretty sure it was a clothes moth larvae because it looked the same and the cocoon looked the same. i checked all the clothing in the room, the curtains, the bedding and the mattress but not one thing that pointed to signs of clothes moths. could this have been brought in by one of my cats, (they are outside a lot) or am i looking at a possible infestation? what should i do? Saint John, New Brunswick.

Little grey thing that looked like lint: Another possibility is a household casebearer, Phereoeca uterella (Lepidoptera: Tineidae). They are in the same family as clothes moths, but usually do little damage as they appear to prefer chowing down on old spider webs and the like. They appear to be expanding their range northward, and have been reported from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island; Click Here