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Note: These prices will be reviewed by June 1, 2018

Why this directory is so important to your business:

  • This web site targets Canadians looking for pest control information and services, and guides them to service providers where they live. Your advertising dollars spent on directories should be targeted to real, potential consumers in your market area.

  • Most of the people viewing the consumer pages on this web site have a pest problem now, or they will have a pest problem eventually.  They are your qualified prospective customers.  Our primary objective is to send these prospects to your web site.   Hot links to your web site and email are included in your ad.

  • Most Canadian homes are now connected to the internet.

  • Almost all of your potential customers will be looking for pest control information and a service provider on the internet before they call one.

  • *Note this is dependent on the number of Ad space(s)