Larvae of a scarlet malachite beetle

7331.          Hello! We recently renovated my old house completely. Tore down everything to the brick – new installations, new walls, new floors, windows, doors, everything. We barely have any furniture and most rooms are empty. Since we moved in a month and a half ago, I’ve been seeing this larva around the house. The first one was on the headboard of a new bed, so I thought it came from the bed, but then I started seeing it on walls and ceilings in other rooms. Most recently, I found one in the bathtub of the bathroom on the second floor, we only used the bathtub twice and don’t use that bathroom very much at all. It has all tiles in it. I can’t pinpoint where they are coming from because it’s always just one and in different rooms on both floors, usually on the wall or the ceiling. I did a lot of Googling and the closest I could find is a Malachite Beetle. Can you confirm if that is what it is? It appears reddish in color and it is very tiny. What could it be doing in my house? I also have booklice on walls, could it be eating that? I have seen about 15 of them in the past month, is this considered an infestation? The humidity in the house was very high at first, but it’s been at 30-40% for the past month. Please help me, I can’t find much information on it online, especially on how to get rid of it. I am pregnant and terrified it could take over our house 🙁 Thanks in advance! Požega, Croatia


Number 7331.  This indeed appear to be larvae of a scarlet malachite beetle, and as such, pose no threat of any kind. As they are predators on other small arthropods, it is possible they are feeding on booklice. There is no need for control. Larvae of a scarlet malachite beetle detailed information