Larva of a lacewing

7027.     While sitting on our sofa during the evening I noticed this bug walking on my wife’s leg. I gently allowed it to walk onto my finger nail, it walked down my finger stopped and began biting my hand. I killed it with a Kleenex tissue. Bug was about 1/8” to 3/16” long. I took the picture with my iPhone 8, I was able to zoom in for a much better view. It had huge mandibles. Other day same bug was biting my 2 yr old granddaughter on her back while she was in her small wading pool. What kind of bug is this? Date is Aug 3. Hot and humid. We just had thunderstorm with lot of rain. Thanks for your help! Hagersville, Ontario. Canada

Number 7027. This is a larva of a lacewing (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae). These are general predators on other small, soft-bodied arthropods such as aphids and caterpillars. For reasons unclear, they sometimes will ‘sample’ human skin, but their bite is harmless. Click here for more detailed information.