Large spiders in home

I have caught 4 fairly large spiders in my home, I know they are not easy to identify unless under a scope however these are hunters and ground hunting spiders, their about the size of a loonies and toonie (Canadian), their dark brown and or light ish brown… I have laid sticky catch master things every where and have caught one each day for 4 days. That’s a spider a night. I’m led to think I have a infestation? I have sprayed spider killer stuff, spider repellent, plus those catchers, and they keep still popping up and their massive! Should I get in a professional?

Thank you for submitting  your question.  Rather than publishing misleading or incorrect information, we do not attempt to identify spiders based on a written description.  Please send a photo as an attachment and we will publish it on the “What is this pest”  web page.    We may have already published a photo of a pest similar to yours.  Remember:  humans are not a food source for spiders.  They eat insects and if you have a lot insects, spiders will be attracted to your home.   A pest professional could do a thorough inspection and get rid of whatever is causing your problem.