Knitting wool

KNITTING WOOL – I have a big wooden box filled with knitting wool, which stands on the floor. The box is quite big, standing waist high. Last June we had an infestation of cockroaches. This was eradicated by a pest control firm. The cockroaches managed to crawl into the box, and killed there. I should very much like to use the wool. Is it safe for me to use the wool? Taking into account the cockroaches were killed there by pesticide and also the cockroaches may be breeding. Many thanks. Vaughan Ontario.

It probably is safe to use the wool, but to be sure, you need to find out exactly which chemical(s) were used to treat for the cockroaches. If it was a synthetic pyrethroid of some kind (the commonest ones used for this purpose), you’re OK as they have a very short residual life. If it was some other type, you will have to find out how long any residue persists in the environment.