June Bug

June Bugs

6069  Hi there, my name is Mark from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  While I am very familiar with June Bugs, these flying beetles are a mystery.  They resemble a mini June bug (about half the size) and usually start swarming at dusk in humid temps. I live in a 6th story penthouse apartment, and it is July, and they have no problem coming up to swarm. Thanks! Mark

June Beetles are Scarab beetles which appear in large numbers at this time of year. There are two general types-big and small which seem to suddenly appear in spring and then vanish about a month later. Both are from really big groups which consist of a couple hundred species apiece. The small ones are from the genus Cyclocephala, also known as masked chafers. As larvae they’re lawn pests known as ‘white grubs’ and commonly feed on grass roots and thatch near the surface of the soil. They take two years to grow from egg to adult.

The big ones are from the genus Phyllophaga, and are sometimes called May Beetles depending on where you are. They’re about twice the size of the smaller Cyclocephala. They take about 3-4 years to grow to adults. Like the masked chafers, these June Beetles feed on roots of plants and can cause damage to a wide variety of plants.