Insect Eggs or not?

6249 What type of bug/insect are these eggs? They jump all around at times, I can’t find anything online about them. From Winnepeg, Mb

Number 6249 – I’m not at all sure what these might be. The only insect-related object I know of that resembles these are the pupae of ichneumon wasps in the subfamily Campopleginae, but those are more elongate than the objects seen in your image; Click here for an example. Also, there some plant seeds that when infested with an insect larva will ‘jump’ (such as so-called Mexican jumping beans) as well as some plant galls, but none of them look anything like your images

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  1. Shannon says:

    Thank you for your suggestions! 🙂
    I don’t think they’re the wasps. I don’t know if this helps but before they turned dark, I could see something moving around inside. I have them in a jar and hopefully will hatch and I’ll post a picture of what comes out! 🙂

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