mouse bait station

Humane rodent poison

What would be the most ethical form on small mice control for a corporation? I work at a retail grocery chain that uses those little houses with poison inside – I see the mice convulse and I hear them cry out for 30-60 min after ingestion. A co-worker told me they could pay more to include fluoride in the mix to sedate them too – although I wondered if that actually reduces their pain or merely for our observations sake. Does that really make the mice suffer less? Does it speed up the process? What options exist? Are the price gaps significant between the less and most human options? Thanks very much. Shan. Victoria, BC.

Rodent bait in use today is formulated to euthanize them in a very humane way. After ingestion the rodents become lethargic and unconscious. There is no pain and they do not squeal or cry out.   What you are hearing are not mice.