Hacklemesh/lace weaver

6852.         Large infestation found in a crawl space of the building. Hundreds living in the dirt around a pool of sewage caused by a disconnected waste pipe from the unit above. Size of average spider is about 1 inch. Toronto, ON. Canada

Number 6852. This is a hacklemesh/lace weaver (family Amaurobiidae); it looks like Amaurobius ferox, commonly known as the black lace weaver –  Click Here. They can bite, but the bite is not dangerous to humans. This is a matriphagous spider, meaning that the young devour the mother after hatching. After her young hatch, she lays a second set of eggs on which the newly hatched spiders feed. Then a few days later, she actively encourages her offspring to devour her.

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  1. Kaitlin says:

    Thank you so much for identify the spider! I was really surprised to see so many in one place—I didn’t expect it them to be venomous and I’m glad that they aren’t dangerous. They were quite curious around us, and I don’t think they had ever been in contact with humans.
    Thanks again!

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