Ground beetle

7332.        I have been seeing 2 or three of these tiny black bugs everyday in my basement bedroom for years now. I only seem to find them in one specific corner of the room and they stay on the floor or crawl onto my baseboard heater for the most part. They are very tiny and measure a little more than half a cm. I have tried identifying them with a pest identifier app but I’m not getting a match with any of the bugs on there. I apologize if my photos are not the best quality but I tried my best, it is hard to take a nice photo of such a tiny bug. I am from Manitoba and it is currently winter but I do also see them in them in my bedroom in the summertime. I do have another photo of three of these tiny bugs trapped in a piece of clear tape, that photo honestly almost shows more than the ones without the tape. But I did not upload them since it said do not upload photos of bugs in plastic. Please get back to me and have a great day thank you for your time:) Wawanesa, MB. Canada


Number 7332.     The beetle appears to be a ground beetle (Coleoptera; Carabidae). These often accidentally wander indoors, but are completely harmless and do not require any control measures. Ground beetle detailed information .