Grain mites

Hello. I’m seeking assistance in gathering information on grain mites. I have an infestation at my residence mainly in the kitchen. We have done everything from using the wood stove and a dehumidifier to lower the humidity. Countless cleanings. Removal of all food. We have been told we may need to dismantle the kitchen and remove the cabinets to remove any potential food source in the residence. Is this true ? Is there a product or treatment for this ? I believe it was caused by a grocery shopping trip to wallmart and an infected product may have been brought into the home. Please any information will be helpful. We have not been able to cook at home and eating out is extremely expensive in our location. Please any information would be helpful. Thanks

After taking the measures that you have already done, I am somewhat puzzled that you would still have an infestation problem. A complete dismantling of your kitchen should not be necessary. Are you absolutely certain that significant numbers of grain mites are still present? If so, you should be able to detect a distinct ‘minty’ odor. The only other suggestion that I have is that if you haven’t already done do, keep all of your unrefrigerated infestable food items in air-tight sealable containers.